The HEcoPerMed Final Conference “Health Economics of Personalised medicine” took place on April 28th, 2022 as an onsite event with live stream. We presented our overall achievements and results at the conference. Through moderated discussions, the outcomes of the project were placed into the policy context. 

HEcoPerMed Position Paper

Photo Gallery Final Conference

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12:15 – 13.00h Registration

Part 1

Moderation: Tamas Zelei, Syreon Research Institute, Budapest, Hungary

13:00h Welcome (Plenum & Streaming via the HEcoPerMed webpage)

  • Carmen Laplaza Santos, European Commission (EC), Health Innovations
  • Ejner Moltzen, ICPerMed chair, Danish Innovation Fonds (DIF)
  • Doris Schartinger, Introduction to HecoPerMed and this event, Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)

13:45h Update on HEcoPerMed Results and Achievements

  • A European outlook for incentivizing Personalised Medicine: the financing and reimbursement perspective, Apostolos Tsiachristas, Oxford University, United Kingdom
  • Different Personalised Medicine approaches (Modelling Case Studies)

  1. Tumour-agnostic treatments for NTRK gene fusion-positive (NTRK+) cancers, Heleen Vellekoop, Institute for Medical Technology Assessment (IMTA), The Netherlands
  2. DPYD genotyping prior to fluorpyrimidine-based chemotherapy –ToxNav, Rositsa Koleva-Kolarova, Oxford University, United Kingdom
  3. Maturity onset diabetes of the young – MODY, Balazs Nagy, SyreonResearch Institute, Budapest, Hungary

  • Personalised medicine different perspectives for the future, Doris Schartinger, Austrian Institute of Technology

14:45h Coffee / Break

Part 2

Moderation: Doris Schartinger, Austrian Institute of Technology

15:00h ”Position Paper: Personalised Medicine from a Health Economic Perspective: Lessons Learnt and Potentials Ahead”

  • Maureen Rutten-van Mölken, HEcoPerMed and Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Introduction to the “HEcoPerMed Position Paper” and the major findings followed by an open discussion with the audience in Brussels

15:45h Roundtable – Research and Implementation of Personalised Medicine in the light of the HEcoPerMed findings as well as further settings and developments

  • Panel Discussion moderated by Wolfgang Ballensiefen, HEcoPerMed and DLR project management agency, Germany
  • Participants: Carmen Laplaza Santos (EC), Ejner Moltzen (ICPerMed, DIF), Matthijs Versteegh (HEcoPerMed, iMTA), Iain Bennett (Roche, Global Evidence Leader & efpia), N.N.

16:45h Closing Remarks and Outlook

Part 3

17:00 – 19:15h Exchange and Networking Opportunity