The project HEcoPerMed – Health Economic Models for Personalised Medicine

HEcoPerMed stands for “Healthcare- and pharma-economics in support of the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine – ICPerMed”. The project responds to the demand for economic models that evaluate treatments made possible through innovations in personalised medicine. HEcoPerMed also seeks to identify funding and reimbursement mechanisms that provide financial incentives for the rapid development and uptake of such innovations. HEcoPerMed goes beyond current assessment and payment models in order to serve the need of personalised medicine for more comprehensive cost-effectiveness estimates – incorporating patient and societal perspectives – and for sustainable affordability of cutting-edge health innovations.

HEcoPerMed will provide a concise overview of and guidance on high-quality methodological approaches for model-based economic evaluations. In three case studies, HEcoPerMed will apply state-of-the art economic modelling to demonstrate practical and methodological issues in evaluating personalised medicine innovations. The project team will also study existing shortcomings in stimulating the adoption of personalised medicine and propose financial agreements that accelerate its diffusion in European health systems.

To demonstrate the value of state-of-the-art economic modelling and appropriate financial agreements, HEcoPerMed will construct future scenarios, considering the trends and drivers on the one hand, and challenges and benefits of personalised medicine for the European social model of care and its financial viability on the other hand. The project team will develop appropriate diffusion and communication strategies to be in direct contact with experts and a wide variety of stakeholders, taking their needs into account while offering new solutions for the players in personalised medicine within the European health systems. The comprehensive approach of HEcoPerMed will fill a gap identified by the ICPerMed and support their efforts in the promotion of personalised medicine in Europe and beyond. Finally, the project will support health care decision makers to manage their budgets while providing the best possible and comprehensive care for patients in the field of personalised medicine.

Project information:

Project acronym:                             HEcoPerMed

Starting date:                                    01.01.2019

End date:                                           30.06.2022

Duration:                                           42 months

Coordinator:                                     Doris Schartinger


Work packages